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  • Singing SmokeStik's Praises


    Let me say how wonderful I think SmokeStik is! I've tried other electronic cigarettes and have found yours to be far superior. The natural flavor, "throat hit," and exhalation are first-rate!

    Thanks to SmokeStik I gave up a pack and a half a day cigarette habit I had had for 34 years. Thanks to the superb flavor and quality, I sing SmokeStik's praises to every smoker I know! Hopefully they will give it a try someday as well!

    Sincerely, Annette
  • SmokeStik goes the extra mile!

    Hi Lorraine!

    I very much appreciate the service that I've received from your company, and the fact that you people are willing to go the extra mile for your customers. The smokeStick is an amazing thing. I first saw it on an episode of the David Letterman show, thought I'd try it out, and a smoking habit of three decades ended overnight. Amazing but true. No withdrawal symptoms, no crankiness (aside from the usual), and no problems at all. There seem to be a lot of "smokestick-like" products out there, but clearly the SmokeStik is the "top of the line".

    Thanks again! Emile
  • Five Stars!

    Thank you so much for all your help. I definitely will give you 5 stars for customer service!

  • Excellent Service is Rare!

    Dear Steve and Lorraine,

    I cannot thank you enough for your excellent service in helping me order my daughter’s SmokeStik over the phone with Steve. His patience and advice were invaluable. We received the order within 24 hours!!! Then when we called Lorraine on some questions she was great! So far my daughter likes the SmokeStik and I hope to be ordering for a long time!

    Excellent service is rare these days. I SO appreciate yours!

  • Great Customer Service!

    I had a terrific experience talking to Lorraine. I was buying the SmokeStik for my daughter and her boyfriend. She helped me figure out the best products and quantities for them and went the extra mile for me. Even though she had to handle more than one customer, she never made me feel rushed or that she needed to go. She gave me good advice and offered to talk to my daughter and friend if they wanted to call her.

    If the product is as good as your customer service, I feel very confident that I made the right choice in selecting the SmokeStik.


  • SmokeStik kicks butt!

    Thanks Steve!

    I also got the message you left on the answering machine as well. Is it any wonder that SmokeStick and the fantastic customer service you provide literally kicks the butt of every single other distributor of e-cig products? You people rock!

    Thanks again!

  • Thanks to SmokeStik!

    Thanks Steve!

    Just wanted to let you know how much I love your product. I have smoked for over 30 years and thanks to Smoke Stik I have quit. I know that this product was not meant to be a quitting type of product but it worked for me. I tried the patches, gum, mints and Chantix….none of them worked. I now use the non nicotine flavor and just the thoughts of having it in my hand and the "smoke" coming out, I quit thanks to your product.

  • Excellent Service!!!

    I just want to take a moment to let you know about the great service I received from Steve on Monday, 5/16.

    We were in urgent need of some non-nicotine Smokestik cartridges for a theater performance my daughter was invovled in. The cartridges I had on hand had run out after all the rehearsals she had been directing. I called the Smokestik customer service line several times and was not able to get through. Imagine my surprise when my phone rang and it was Steve -- your customer service rep. Calling me back! How often does that happen!!!???

    He apologized and indicated that they were having phone problems and asked how he could help. I think he could hear the urgency in my voice and jumped right in to help me.

    Steve was so helpful in getting the cartridges to me the next day (today)! My daughter's performance is tomorrow night and she now has the cartridges. She was very stressed -- and Steve helped alleviate that stress (hers and mine).

    By the time I got off the phone with him (he called back several times, even tried to get me connected to a rep in my area, but since he was not available, Steve took over and did the work himself), I was in tears - from the relief I was feeling and just the appreciation that there was someone as caring as Steve who truly wanted to help me!

    In this day of poor customer service from many online companies/ordering, Steve was a breath of fresh air and restored my faith that there are some excellent customer service reps out there.

    I will continue to use Smokestik products thanks to Steve's great service.

    And don't lose him -- you have a great asset there!

    Thank you for your excellent service to your customers!!!


    Austin, TX
  • Best Electric Cigarette Customer Service !

    There's no way I can close without telling you how much I appreciate the EXCELLENT customer service I've received from your company. You guys have gone above and beyond... by returning my phone call (even though I didn't leave a message), taking time out to explain things, answering my email in a timely manner and by sending a replacement charger in an expeditious manner.

    I am totally impressed and it has been a pleasure doing business with you!

    Thanks again!

    Connie G
  • SmokeStik is on TOP !


    My order was received and all correct. Thank You for being on top of things. I will be definitely give your company's name to anyone interested in E-cigarettes.

    Doris L
  • The SmokeStik Rocks !

    With all the support I got from you I was never out of a working product, so there was really no "trouble" on my part!

    The SmokeStik rocks and so does the Customer Service department. - JohnL